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***Please visit our new website at***

Terms & Conditions

Parker Performance, EcoBeast Billet, Florida Billet are in no way affiliated with Ford, Ford Motor Company, Ford Racing, or other Ford-owned brands and brand names. All trademarks, copyrights, patents are the rights of their respective owners. We are an independently owned & operated small business offering products for sale to Ford, Mustang & Ecoboost Owners worldwide.

All products are fabricated with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, including water jet, laser jet, etc.  The products offered are mill-finished, unless otherwise noted, and may have minor inconsistencies in the metal.  Our process does include a "finish" process prior to shipment, and if you experience any inconsistencies in your specifically received product, we ask that you reach out to us in order for us to help educate you in a solution and/or potentially request you to return for an exchange.  As a small, family owned & operated business, it's very important to us to offer quality products and earn your 5-star reviews.  In achieving this, we may need your flexibility in returning inconsistent or damaged items, and ask that you reserve your review until you are satisfied.

Thank you for your business & God Bless the USA!