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  • LTH Long Tube Headers S550 Ford Mustang Cat Back Exhaust System w/Quad Tips for 2018+

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    No more waiting! The LTH (Long Tube Headers) company has been listening to your wants and needs - and without compromise they have delivered a Quad Tip Exhaust for the 2018+ Ford Mustang GT S550! Affectionately dubbed the TruDual Cat Back Exhaust - this system is everything you've come to expect from all things LTH: extremely high quality parts, made in the USA, exceptional fitment & even better sound!

    Be sure and select which tips you want, as there are three variations to choose from: LTH's Titan Finish, Polished, or Black ($100 additional).  Starting at under $1250 shipped to your door - these systems are a great value addition to any 2018 or 2019 Ford Mustang GT! 

    *This should also fit all 2015+ Mustang GT cars with a quad tip valance already installed.  Should also work for V6 Cyclone cars w/the quad tip valance.  There is also a DIY method to trimming your existing valance to work with a set of quad tips.