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CV Fabrication 3" Stainless Steel Catless Downpipe for 2015+ Ford Mustang Ecoboost


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Get more power, more performance, and a much more aggressive sound from your Ecoboost Mustang with this CV Fabrication 3" Catless Downpipe! 

This unit is a direct bolt-on replacement, made from T304 Stainless Steel, and is 100% mandrel bent & fully TIG welded! This will fit both automatic (6R80) and manual (MT82) cars, as well as both aftermarket and factory exhaust systems (so long as they're not full 3" entry at the y-pipe; that upgrade will be available at a later date from CVF). Even though the unit is a catless setup, you will not have any CEL (Check Engine Light) with this unit!!!

There's been as much as a 17 horsepower and 32 torque gains achieved without a custom tune!  

CVF limited lifetime warranty with every purchase! 


**Catted Version available for $100.00 more, select Catless or Catted at checkout!**