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  • 2015-2019 Ford Mustang S550 Airlift Performance Airbag Suspension Setup

    $7,500.00 $5,000.00
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    You already know Parker Performance for being the go-to-place for lowering your S550 Mustangs... and you already know our bagged RTR from seeing it all over social media and at the local events!  Well now you can count on us to bring your S550 Mustang down to the ground, just like our RTR is!  

    We've been installing Airlift systems since the beginning of Parker Performance. We've done multiple different setups, including S550, S197, Fusion, and more! 

    With this purchase you're getting the FULL Airlift Performance S550 Kit:

    Front Bags (AL-78521) $925.00
    Rear Bags (AL-78621) $900.00
    3P Management System w/ 3/8" Line Upgrade (AL-27788*) $1,690.00
    Upgrade to Dual Black Compressors (AL-23444B) $329.95
    Dual Compressor Wiring Harness (AL-27703) $125.00

    $3,969.95 retail price for Airlift's PARTS ONLY!  

    We're going to add to that by bringing in our own custom Parker Performance Floating Manifold Bracket ($100 retail).  Also a few other custom tricks for your trunk setup like LED Trunk Light Kit ($40 retail), Custom Tank Graphics ($40 retail), and we can even discuss going into some serious custom stuff if that's not enough for you!  

    For $5,000.00 installed you're going to get the absolute best parts from Airlift for your S550, a phenomenal install with no worries, no leaks, no issues! All wiring gets sheathed, soldered, shrink wrapped, terminated ends, tucked, coiled, and hidden in plain sight - most installs, the customer can't even point out where the wiring is when we pop the hood! We pressure test the system before delivery for you. We calibrate the system for you. We test drive the system to ensure the vehicle makes no noises, creaks, squeaks, and that your brand new 3P system operates flawlessly. We will setup your presets for you on your controller, show you how to use your controller, help you install the Bluetooth App Controller onto your phone, and much more! 

    You won't be disappointed with the new look & exceptional quality of this kit with our install! Schedule your appointment today!