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The Parker Performance Story

It was just a normal family dinner outing back in 2016 that was the catalyst that brought us here. But let me go back, first.

In the early 90's, Josh was heavily influenced by his relationship with his Uncle, Deputy Nicholas Scott Bryant. You see, Josh didn't have a relationship with his biological father, and so he relied heavily on his relationship with his Uncle Nick for that male role model & bonding. Nick was a die-hard Mustang fan! He had a strawberry Fox coupe, and then an SN95 vert (pushrod 5.0), both modified to his likings, and shared with Josh. In fact, it was the SN95 vert that was the first Mustang Josh ever got to drive! Fast forward a couple of years, and tragically Uncle Nick was abruptly taken from this world, far too soon. Yet his love of Mustangs and modifying them, had already been passed along to the teenage Josh. 

Over the years, Josh would go on to build multiple Mustangs, including several Fox cars of his own. In total, Josh has owned over 30 Ford performance vehicles. Always remembering his heritage, and memories he shared with his Uncle Nick along the way.  Somewhere along the way, life, business & the pursuit of bigger things lead Josh away from cars temporarily while he focused on starting his family and running a very successful real estate business or three. In fact, Josh and his wife had to make the tough decision to sell their pride & joy, a local iconic Foxbody Coupe named "Frankie", in order to pay for the birth of their first child. 

And then along came the S550 release in 2015. Amanda, Josh's wife, had been driving "mom mobiles" for several years and when she saw the new S550, she just knew she had to have one. Josh tried to convince her into a 6spd GT PP, yet that didn't work, and she chose an Ecoboost with the 6R80 automatic transmission instead. "Happy wife, happy life!"  This was a long term purchase for them, as their children were old enough to get in and out, no more baby seats, etc. Except 4 months after buying her the Ecoboost, they found out they were unexpectedly pregnant with their 3rd child (now affectionately nicknamed "Bonus Baby")! They knew that the Mustang that they had just purchased wouldn't work for their growing family, yet they were too upside down to trade it in. Josh had purchased a 2003 Harley Davidson F150 Super Crew 100th Anniversary truck, which also only seats 4 (captains chairs). It's at this point that the story begins to turn...

Josh sold the Harley truck, and agreed to take over Amanda's Ecoboost Mustang. With the funds from the sale of the Harley truck, they purchased Amanda an awesome, new, AWD, Twin Turbo Explorer Sport! So now with the Ecoboost in Josh's hands, the modifications really began! And from there... $43k in upgrades, 4 turbos, 3 motors, 2 transmissions & a partridge in a pear tree, as Josh likes to tell the story. This is really where the S550 expertise came in, as Josh was helping to pioneer an unproven platform, and doing most of the work with all hand tools - not even a single battery powered tool in his personal garage at this time.

So with that backstory, let's get back on track to that fateful dinner outing back in 2016...

Just a quick dinner at the local pizza place with the family. As Josh goes to pull out of the parking lot, he notices a minivan being pushed up the hill in the oncoming traffic lane by an elderly gentleman, who was all alone. Quickly, Josh parked the Explorer, told his wife and kids he'd be right back, locked the doors, and ran over to help this gentleman. Little did he know that there was also a 7 year old child inside the minivan, trying to steer! He couldn't see over the steering wheel AND reach the pedals at the same time! So Josh and this gentleman are struggling to push this vehicle up this hill and into the gas station about 200 yards away, when all of a sudden the minivan begins to move with quite the additional acceleration. As Josh looked over, there is now a young man who has joined in on the efforts. So they successfully get the van into the gas station parking lot, and as they're shaking hands and parting ways, the young man and Josh are walking back to their respective cars to head home - only Josh notices that this young man happens to be driving an S550, himself! 

So Josh quizzes him, "Hey man, is that a GT, V6 or an Ecobooost?" he asked.  

The young man, who has since introduced himself as Zach, tells Josh, "It's just an Ecoboost; I just bought it tonight!"  

They go on to chat for a few moments in passing, and Josh tells him that he also owned an Ecoboost and that maybe he'd seen it around town... "Mine's the ruby red one with the huge intercooler and black wheels here in town" he told Zach.

Zach knew the car right away, and had always thought it was a Procharged GT.  He then decided he would stop by Josh's real estate office one day when he was off, and reintroduce himself, and exchange contact info so he could learn about modifying his own Ecoboost. 

The guys worked together on both of their cars, buying parts, testing new parts, breaking parts, and as they did, Zach began to make social media posts with the hashtag of #ParkerPerformance when they would wrap up an install.  People began asking both of them about Parker Performance, and if they could get work done on their very own S550s.  And ultimately that has now led to the existence of Parker Performance as you know it today.

At first, both Zach & Josh had full time jobs and worked to help other S550 owners with their cars in the evenings and on the weekends. And before long, they were so busy with work lined up, that Zach decided to resign from his job and focused full time on the installs lined up for their friends and customers. Of course these installs initially were just done out of Josh's personal 3 car garage at his personal residence.  Yet the workload & the goals for the future dictated that to change.  So the fellas really focused hard at committing 2019 to be their biggest year yet!  

And here we are 3 short years later and both Zach & Josh are working together full-time to help other S550 Owners to achieve their customization dreams! Josh still tells people that Zach is the best thing he's ever found on the side of the road, and they even added one of their best friends along the way, Alex Sanders, another S550 / Ecoboost expert.

So from the team at Parker Performance, we appreciate your support & business. We hope this back story helps to tell you a little bit about where we came from to where we're at now. You dictate where we're going in the future - and we thank you!